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Prepaid card

Cashless payment

Easy cashless payment thanks to the e-guma prepaid card.
With e-guma, prepaid cards can be issued and topped up
in a flash.

Cashless payment with e-guma

Rechargeable prepaid cards can be used in a variety of areas. Whether used in retail as a loyalty card, in the catering sector as a meal credit, as a staff or departmental card, in the leisure sector as a rechargeable membership card, or in the event sector for on-site cashless payment – the areas of application areas for this multi-purpose card are virtually limitless.

With the e-guma voucher system, physical or digital prepaid cards can be issued and topped up quickly and easily on site or online.

Examples of the use of the e-guma prepaid card

Meal credit for staff and school canteens
Consumption card in care homes or hospitals
Customer card in the catering trade
Loyalty card with bonus free credit feature
Shareholder card for dividend payments
Cashless payment at concerts and open-air events

The convenient prepaid card for you and your customers

Holders of a prepaid card do not need to carry cash with them, but can simply pop it in their pocket or load it directly onto their smartphone. Your customers can top up their prepaid cards online at any time and view their current credit balance.

And you as a provider also benefit from cashless payment using top-up prepaid cards. Simple, fast payments on the spot with a card like this can significantly reduce the workload, especially at peak times. Cashless payment also offers protection against theft and creates liquidity.

Prepaid cards encourage your customers to return regularly to use their credit. The ability to top up new credit easily and quickly – especially with extra credit on top – further strengthens customer loyalty. Last but not least, guests consume more on average when paying with a prepaid card than when paying with cash.

These prepaid cards, also known as top-up cards, customer cards or employee cards, can be customised according to your own design. With the e-guma voucher system, you can manage all prepaid cards issued quickly and easily. You can issue the cards conveniently on site or in your e-guma online shop.

Rechargeable credit cards can be an effective means of promoting customer loyalty, increasing sales and organising marketing campaigns. In a nutshell: Offering rechargeable prepaid cards can be very worthwhile for your company.

The benefits of the e-guma prepaid card at a glance

Prepaid cards are issued quickly and easily
Customised card design
On-top extra credit for customer loyalty
Digital card always with you on your smartphone
Top up via PC, till, app or online shop
Remaining credit at a glance at all times

How it works

Simply produce your own prepaid cards using a card printer or send a series of card codes created directly via e-guma to the print shop of your choice.

Prepaid cards in credit card format can be designed to suit your requirements. Any material can be used for e-guma: PVC, recyclable plastic, wood, paper, cardboard, metal, gold and many more. We will gladly assist you in selecting a printing company or purchasing the right printer.

You can now use the prepaid cards that have been produced to manage your credit. The cards can be topped up online or in-house at any time. For example, to reward employees or regular guests or to offer your cardholders an incentive to top up their card regularly, you can set up an “on-top”, for example 10% extra credit, which they would get with every top-up.

What the e-guma prepaid card can do

  • Card design customised to suit your requirements
  • Issue a prepaid card on site or online
  • Convenient topping up and credit checks via PC, till, app or via your online shop directly by the cardholder
  • Top up your credit card on your smartphone with the e-guma app voucher2mobile
  • Extra credit with on-top function for long-term customer loyalty
  • Excel import for bulk recharges
  • Automatic recharges via a script
  • Automatic sales and redemption reports
  • Collect customer data

Whether you need prepaid cards for canteens, hospitals, care homes, restaurants, hotels, concerts or stadiums – we will be happy to help you find the solution you need.

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