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Redeem vouchers across sites


Sell and redeem vouchers flexibly at
several locations. More success with less
effort thanks to automated processes.

For a comprehensive voucher business

Do you need a voucher management system for a business with many voucher sales and redemption locations, an entire group of companies or an organisation? Then you have come to the right place. We analyse your business processes with you and offer appropriate solutions. With the branch, group and organisation solution, e‑guma has the necessary extensions to successfully master a comprehensive voucher business.

This is where our cross-site solutions are in use

Restaurants, cafés, bakeries
Hotels, tourism organisations
Swimming baths, beauty salons
Mountain railways, boat trips, railways, bus companies
Zoos and theme parks, sports centres, cultural associations
Trade associations, chocolateries, floristry, interior

Store solution

Does your company consist of different voucher sales and redemption locations that you want to control and evaluate separately? Then we recommend you the e‑guma branch solution. To ensure that you always have an overview of all sales and redemptions, we set up various branches in your e‑guma back office. This ensures transparent control for each location.

  • Set up as many branches as you like
  • Sales and redemption report grouped by branch
  • Daily accounts per branch
  • Automatically send the report per branch to the desired e-mail address
  • Assign different users to a branch
  • Set up branch for external partners

Group solution

With the e-guma group solution, e-guma individual solutions can be linked together. This makes it possible to redeem vouchers across groups. Complicated accounting among the individual companies is no longer your concern, e-guma takes over the accounting procedure for you. Complicated accounting among the individual companies is no longer your concern, e-guma takes over the accounting procedure for you.

  • Link as many businesses as you like
  • Conveniently redeem vouchers group-wide and increase sales
  • e-guma logs all group-wide redemptions
  • Monthly group accounting
  • Set up cross-client users

Organisation solution

The e-guma organisation solution is the right choice for organisations and associations that want to run a comprehensive voucher business for their members.

You sell your vouchers via your own online shop on your website. These vouchers can be redeemed by all your members. Thanks to the monthly accounting procedure, the payout of redeemed vouchers to your members is done in no time at all.

  • Add any number of members as voucher acceptance points
  • Each member receives his/her own e-guma login for the application on his/her PC or smartphone
  • Every member can redeem vouchers easily and quickly
  • Each redemption is recorded in your e-guma voucher management and the money is allocated accordingly
  • Clever accounting procedure with your members – your effort is significantly reduced
Fact sheet organisation solution
We wanted efficient sales and redemption processes. e-guma meets these criteria with excellence and led to increased sales shortly after its introduction.
David Küng, CFO Pilatus Bahnen AG

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