e-guma Header Ticketsystem Konfiguration


Create and edit event and admission tickets
yourself and put them on advance sale.
Flexibly at any time from anywhere.

Set up events and admissions

With the e-guma ticket system, you can record new events and admissions independently within a very short time – because you are the professional and know your offer best. The clearly arranged input mask provides all information relevant for you and your guests for successful ticket sales. You can make changes independently at any time.

  • Create and publish new events and admissions
  • Fill in input fields with your information (e.g. title and description, image for the shop and ticket, Google Maps map, venue, comments field and much more)
  • Create different categories (e.g. adults, children or early bird discount)
  • Insert individual questions (e.g. first name and surname per ticket, year of birth, menu selection and much more)
  • Define contingents per event or category
  • Set up promotional codes for discounts or activation codes for invited guests
  • Close online sales at a specific time
  • Optional e-mail notification for new orders

Seating plan

e-guma Ticketsystem Saalplan

With the seating plan of the e-guma ticket system, you can place your events on seat-specific advance sale. Your guests can find out about the event location in advance and choose, book and pay directly for their desired seats. With the integrated seating plan designer, you can create a seating plan suitable for your event with just a few clicks: Draw seats, number them, assign them to a price category, done!

  • Create an individual seating plan per event
  • Create different price categories and options per seat
  • Sale of single seats or whole tables possible
  • Customers can book and pay directly online
  • Optimum visitor flow thanks to seat and row on ticket printout

The seating plan in action

The possible uses of the seating plan are almost limitless.

Rows and standing rooms
Concerts, theatre, musicals, festivals or lectures
Demo shop
Whole tables
Big events like Oktoberfest or Halloween parties
Demo shop
Tables with single seats
Brunches, culinary train rides or New Year’s Eve galas
Demo shop


e-guma Ticketsystem Kalenderfunktion

With the calendar function, your guests can choose the preferred date and time of their visit with just a few clicks. This way, your visitors appear at the right time and there are no queues on site.

  • Configure the calendar individually per admission
  • Add as many slots as you like
  • Define maximum number of persons per time unit
  • Record different prices at different times (for example, in the morning or at the weekend)
  • You can see the date and time on the ticket printout
  • Guest flow under control

The calendar in action

One tool with two different application options.

Staggered admissions
Fitness centres, swimming baths, spa areas, zoos, museums, cultural and adventure worlds
Demo shop
Daily events
Brunches, workshops, full day admission to swimming pools and spas
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We will be happy to help

Is your event or admission a bit more extensive or do you simply want a personal consultation? We will be happy to help you with the setup, just give us a call or send us a message.