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Redeem vouchers flexibly

and easily

Redeem vouchers at any time from anywhere
via smartphone, cash register, tablet or PC.
Safe, quick and easy.

Flexible use of vouchers

Redeeming a voucher is a key element of a successful voucher management. e-guma provides each voucher with a clearly identifiable 12-digit alphanumeric code, which is also printed on the voucher layout as a QR code or barcode.

You scan the voucher code or type in the first three characters (autocomplete) and e-guma will do the rest. The voucher system checks the current balance and informs you immediately if the voucher has already been redeemed or has expired. All redemptions take place in real time and are automatically recorded in the voucher management system.

What our redemption options offer you

  • Redeem vouchers regardless of location
  • Fraud safe thanks to clear voucher identification
  • Flexible full or partial redemption of vouchers
  • Comprehensive voucher management documents all redemptions and cancellations
  • Set up external redemption points for partners

Redeem vouchers with the voucher app

e-guma Gutscheinsystem Voucher App

Redeeming with the voucher app is convenient and lightning fast! Scan the QR‑code on the voucher, confirm the full amount or partial redemption, done.

  • Free download for iOS & Android
  • Lightning-fast voucher scanning with the camera
  • App immediately provides information about the status of a voucher
  • Any number of mobile devices in use simultaneously
  • Torch function for more light in the dark

Redeem vouchers with the PC

It’s this simple

  • Open the e-guma redemption mask
  • Scan the code or manually enter the first 3 characters of the code
  • e-guma shows you the voucher with the stored information and checks its validity
  • Redeem the voucher in full or only with a desired partial amount

Redeem vouchers directly at the cash register

In your company, do you want the vouchers to be redeemed safely and quickly directly at the cash register? Then, an integration into your POS system is the right approach. e-guma offers you numerous cash register interfaces for this purpose, which enable the vouchers to be checked and redeemed at every point of sale.

Our partners for cash register systems

e-guma WebCashbox

As an alternative to a direct interface, the integration of the e-guma WebCashbox is also a good choice. The e-guma WebCashbox is a browser-based mask that can be integrated into any internet-capable cash register.

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